Work From Home {Fabulously} Tip 20: Limit News

Limit News work from home fabulously lori randall stradtman

How GOOD does it feel when we turn off the TV news and tune into some great music?!

Experts suggest we limit social media and COVID conversation, especially around children.  One can find tons of information on COVID-19 to consume, and it changes minute to minute.  The information is often sensationalized, negatively skewed, and alarmist. 

Find a few trusted sources that you can check in with consistently, limit it to a few times a day, and set a time limit for yourself on how much you consume (again 30 minutes tops, 2-3 times daily). 

Keep news and alarming conversations out of earshot from children—they see and hear everything, and can become very frightened by what they hear.

We can limit news and protect our inner child too!

Speaking of listening to great music! 👇🏻 #80’s


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