Work From Home {Fabulously} Tip 17: Fun Projects


In this Post-Industrial, Information Age, Who Knows What’s Shaping Up Next Age…

We can be enjoying fun projects that keep us engaged and give us a sense of completion, even if it’s just finishing The Nanny reruns, as I have been doing lately…

Find a long-term project to dive into.  Now is the time to

🧠Learn how to play the keyboard,
✨Put together a huge jigsaw puzzle,
🤗Start a 15 hour game of Risk,
😌Paint a picture,
⚡️Read the Harry Potter series,
🧖🏻‍♀️Binge watch an 8-season show,
👌🏻Crochet a blanket,
🤓Solve a Rubix cube,
👀Develop a new town in Animal Crossing.

✍🏻Find Something That Will Keep You Busy, 💋💋Distracted, And Engaged To Take Breaks From What Is Going On In The Outside World. 💕

Find something that will keep you busy, distracted, and engaged to take breaks from what is going on in the outside world. 💕


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