Work From Home {Fabulously} Tip 15: Create

create work from home fabulously lori randall stradtman

I’m so touched by all the people who are sewing clever, beautiful masks and then giving them away to any and all who need.

I have away my trusty sewing machine years ago, but creating digitally has been a passion for years. Every campaign, every project is a creative joy. It’s sustaining me during this epic quarantine.

Experts say to cultivate creativity, especially now, when routines are disrupted and institutional chaos is the new normal. For now.

Find an expressive art and go for it.  Our emotional brain is very receptive to the creative arts, and it is a direct portal for release of feeling.  Find something that is creative (sculpting, drawing, dancing, music, singing, playing) It is a very effective way of helping kids to emote and communicate as well!

What’s your creative joy that keeps you uplifted and purposeful these days? Please share!


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