Work From Home {Fabulously} Tip 14: Chunk It!

lighting candle work from home fabulously lori randall stradtman

A dear friend who has lectured at Yale University on radical female empowerment encourages us to embrace ambiguity and to play with it in order to retain a position of leadership in our lives.

Astrology, a deep passion of mine, always serves as a predictor of patterns, though we have the free will to decide how we will navigate whatever situation presents itself. Will I hide until (life) is over? Will I be grouchy and rage at my laptop? (Who, me?! heh, heh. I can be heard cursing all the way across the house on occasion when I’m hitting a project deadline and the technology throws up roadblocks. #AriesSunMercuryandJupiter And then it’s all over as quickly as it started.) There are advantages to having grown children who live elsewhere… cursing out loud! LOL

I’m no Ghandi, but I’ve learned some pretty useful tricks from the best on how to navigate supremely uncomfortable situations with grace. Well, mostly. Do computers count? 😉

If the idea of embracing ambiguity sends you packing, there’s another, simpler way of navigating challenging circumstances. Experts say to “Chunk it.”

hourglass on desktop Lori Randall Stradtman

What is this “Chunking?”

Contrary to popular belief, it’s has nothing to do with standing in front of the refrigerator and eating out of boredom.

“Chunking”—is focusing on whatever bite-sized piece of a challenge that feels manageable.  Whether that be 5 minutes, a day, or a week at a time—find what feels doable. I simply love to set a timer for 15 minutes and make a game out of whatever I’m doing. Compete with myself. Focusing on only one chunk at a time makes everything more peaceful and manageable.

Except my foul mouth if the computer gets squirrely. 😉

Interested in more valuable tips for dealing with coronavirus anxiety? Harvard has some answers here.


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