Work From Home {Fabulously} Tip 11: Radical Self-Acceptance

dog laptop coffee work from home fabulously lori randall stradtman
Accepting yourself the way your dog does!

When we find something to honestly approve of in ourselves and others… something magical happens.

Let’s lower our expectations and practice radical self-acceptance. 

We might be doing too many things in this moment, under fear and stress.  This does not make a formula for excellence.  Instead, let’s give ourselves what psychologists call “radical self acceptance”: accepting everything about ourselves, our current situation, and our lives without question, blame, or pushback. 

There is no roadmap, no precedent for this, and we are all truly doing the best we can in a historic situation. It’s the first time in human history that the proverbial world has… stopped!

And I’m finding things to approve of, like the way my neighbors and I greet as we walk each day. It’s open-hearted, genuine, makes me grateful to live amongst such beautiful people.

What do you approve of right now? Please scroll down and share!


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