Understanding 2020: The Big Picture

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Please note, I wrote this in the Summer of 2019. You can see how the Astrological patterns have played out, both personally and collectively. Excerpted from The 2020 Guide: Astrology of Happiness, available in Audible, Kindle, and paperback versions. 🌝

Since they’re both repeatedly joining up at 22 degrees of Capricorn,

Saturn and Pluto represent some pretty powerful energies to do with a day or reckoning (Saturn) and Pluto’s purging power. Institutions that have been profiteering from the common man, abusing their power, are in for a harsh day of reckoning. Astrological cycles where outer planets (like Saturn and Pluto) meet up create an imprint when they come together, a starting point that evolves through distinct phases over the next 33-38 years, until they meet again to establish a new cycle. 

Saturn a/k/a “Jewel of the Solar System.” – A gas giant planet with gorgeous rings made from ice and rock, with bits as small as grains of sand, sixth planet from the Sun, made mostly from hydrogen and helium. 

On a personal level, Saturn always involves: 

* Your major life lessons

* Where you feel inadequate

* Your life ambition

On a collective level, Saturn involves:

* Government

* Hierarchies

* Capitalism

* Structural foundations of societies

Saturn represents these kinds of energies:

Discipline, Authority, Structure, Time, Wisdom, Responsibility, Tests, Ambition, Difficulty, Restraint, Grounding, Practicality, Self-Control, Tradition, Buildings, Limitation, Karma, Stability, Restriction, Responsibility, Property, Hardship

Mythology: Son of Uranus, god of Agriculture

Pluto – 9th planet from the Sun, covered with ices, mountain ranges, light and dark regions, and a scattering of craters. It’s smaller than the Earth’s Moon, yet packs a seriously transformative power punch. I think of Pluto as raw power. 

On a personal level, Pluto always involves: 

    • Where you want power, take charge, or feel powerless
    • Where you experience transformation and profound change

On a collective level, Pluto involves:

* Shame

* Toxins

* Resentments

* Terror

* Transformational healing

Pluto represents these kinds of energies:

Sex, Money, Death, Power, Rebirth, Occult,  Corruption, Willpower, Massive change, Renewal, Inner Resources, Basic Instinct, Motivation, Personal Power, Evolution, Death, Rebirth, Suspicion, Obsession, Intensity, Reckoning, Taboos, Clearing, Extremes

Mythology: The brother of Neptune, Pluto was god of the Underworld. 

With Pluto, we’ve got to feel it to heal it.

By making a practice of engaging with our wisest, expansive thinking, older Inner Being (instead of our… anxiety,) we can incorporate more wisdom and humanity into the structures of our lives, both hidden and visible. We live the stories we tell ourselves. 

The last time Pluto transited Capricorn was from 1762-1777. It energized the American Revolutionary War and birthed the Industrial Revolution, which instigated massive upheavals economically, emotionally, and psychologically. 

Bottom Line: Pluto energy wants to bring about a deep healing and strengthening of humanity, both personally and culturally.

Capricorn is a sign of the Zodiac. And when planets are seen through it, their energies are influenced by it. I like to think about the signs of the Zodiac like colored filters over stage lights. The flood light itself is white, but when you stick a green filter over it everything lights up green.

Major strengths: ambitious, practical, responsible

Major challenges: rigid, unapproachable, cheap

This is Capricorn’s energetic signature on a personal level:

Hard worker, Frugal, Cheap, Practical, Reliable, Status-oriented, Methodical, Realistic, Worrier, Cautious, Self-disciplined, Reserved, Patient, Pessimistic, Conservative 

On a collective level, Capricorn is never in a hurry. It teaches us the power of delayed gratification, structure, and doing the work to bring long term projects into being. 

Happiness Tip: Reframe your important work into some kind of PLAY and give yourself over to it regularly, with insatiable abandon.

The 2020 Guide Astrology of Happiness
The 2020 Guide: Astrology Of Happiness
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"Imagination that Dares"


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