Turned On Reputation Part 2: Psychedelic Thoughts

As we discuss the emerging definition of “Turned On Reputation,” this feels most prescient!

Apologies to Dr. Timothy Leary, but I’m going to adapt his famous saying

Tune In, Turn On, and Drop Out

Dr. Timothy Leary

In 2020, I’m saying we need to Tune In and Turn On Our Reputation!

Why is that? I’ll be getting more into detail with this soon, but for now I’m saying that there has been no time like this in Human History. We are at a place where working from home is de rigeur and you might feel like you’re hitting an edge with your current employer, now is the time to seek extra support to meet you in this space.

Interestingly, my friends at Berkeley’s Science of Happiness Course and Podcast

have done a little (or a lot) of research of their own into this trippy subject. So much research is coming in that demonstrates real improvement in living for Veterans and other people living with PTSD from using a little… psychedelic something now and then!

Here’s a link to their podcast and to the episode where Michael Pollan (“the White Rabbit” of immersive journalism”) discusses his experiences and research into Nature’s pharmacy.

As somebody who tends to be really cautious with drugs of any kind, I can’t say that I’ve partaken. Yet. But my time is coming soon, I feel.

What about you? Have you experimented with mushrooms or the like? What’s your experience?


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