Tomorrow’s Full Moon and How To Let It Turn You On

Now That I Have Your

Let’s dive into this topic for a minute.

By the time we East Coasters wake up tomorrow morning (5:58am, to be precise,) there could be some pretty exciting things that come to light!

It’s always the case for Full Moons. We have 13 of them every year… but this one has so much more power to awaken, especially given the exciting nature of 2020, where anything can and will happen.

In addition to this phenomenally exciting backdrop of 2020, wherein joking about Murder Hornets, a Pandemic, a President of the United States whom most consider mentally unwell, has become routine, we have an extraordinary meetup happening in the heavens that I want to share, because it will be at the very least… refreshing!

Odds are very good that you will FEEL it personally and also as a collective right now we’ll be feeling it, hopefully in delightful, meaningful ways.

Here are the highlights you should know so you can rest easy and/or make positive use of these energies, kind of as the wind at your back. Why not?

  • We’ll be having a New Moon at 11 degrees and 46 minutes of Aquarius, at 5:58am EDT. Since the Sun and Moon are always directly across from one another during the Full Moon, both of these luminaries will be squaring Uranus (at 10 degrees of Taurus, only 1 degree off.) Since the modern ruler of Aquarius is Uranus, this is going to be some pretty unpredictable, powerful energy!! With Tropical Storm Isaias bypassing Florida (thankfully) and barreling toward the Carolinas, there’s the possibility of impact there or earthquakes in general, since this kind of event is certainly Uranus in Taurus territory.
  • With Aquarius being a sign that has to do with elevating humanity, with the collective, this could mean there’s a surprising shake up in one of your communities. Stay level and cool, use a bit of that famous Aquarian objectivity to keep you on the right track as apparent chaos may occur. It’s always for the purpose of shaking up what needed to be revealed and can also bring wonderful surprises!

Please Note: I’m into Evolutionary Astrology, so I believe there’s so much we can do to use Astrological events to our advantage. Go with the flow instead of hiding under the covers.


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