When you Google yourself…

Does it feel like this?

Woman with closed eyes and paint splatters

If not, please keep reading.

In her book Reveal, Megan Watterson writes 

“It was time to come out of the wilderness, out of caves and recluses that set the spiritual apart from the physical, material world. It was time to make all my life a spiritual practice, to be a mystic in the middle of traffic and a saint at the local supermarket.”

Now is that time. 

Look, these times seem crazy on an hourly basis. Fortune magazine now reports that “22 million Americans have lost their jobs over the past month – real unemployment rate likely nearing 18%” That’s roughly 1 in 5 people as of April 16, 2020. Now, as of August 5, 2020, we’re hearing that millions more of will be homeless in America, due to, well, everything going on right now.

Let’s get your company’s good name the attention it deserves online.

Want To Chat About This?

At this point, you may just want to contact me for a complimentary 15 minute virtual coffee where we discuss what’s dearest to your heart at this time and some options for moving you forward. If that’s your cup of tea, please click here.

Booking An Astrological Reading

If you’d like a full Intuitive/Astrological consultation, please book here. Interestingly, a client who is a globally recognized visionary in the area of Sustainability recently told me that a friend’s wife just retired as the official Astrologer for American Naval Intelligence and NASA. Yes! They never make a launch without getting a full Astrological reading for the timing of the event. Shouldn’t you get one for your life?

A Dream Come True

If you know your site needs some love and your messaging is outdated, let’s explore working together on that. My technical and copywriting team is world class and we can ease you through what is normally a dreaded, though necessary process in order to secure your place in lights, or at least on top of Google’s search results for you. It will look something like the following schedule, though I always make room for YOU and your team’s process so you get exactly what you need. Personal service is my number one goal.

Got questions? Please book a complimentary 15 minute Virtual Coffee with me. If you include your birthday, time of day, and place, I’ll gladly take a look at your chart and tell you where you’re liable to enjoy success and satisfaction.

My Signature 3-2-1 Launch Offering

Part 1: The Astrology

Why? Because Destiny calls and personal strengths and current opportunities come together to create sustainable success that just feels GOOD. 

Session 1: Stardust We do a full Astrological reading to understand where you are coming from in the deepest, most accurate way possible, including your Part of Fortune. You’ll receive a detailed birth report to help you digest. New ideas and ways of being often come to the surface that haven’t been awoken in a long time. 

Session 2: Let The Sun Shine In – What’s going on for you right now? A deep look at your current astrological transits – where your opportunities and challenges lie right now and in the next year. Come ready with questions so we can explore. You’ll receive a detailed transits report that will share everything that’s coming and how to work with it. 

Part 2: Reputation Marketing 

Why? Because we get to co-create an exciting, actionable Online Reputation Strategy based on everything you have to offer that you are excited to be sharing right now, whether you’re on the top or you’re on google’s Skid Row. Together, we’ll research and choose keywords that will put you at the top of google and social media platforms and craft an offering that opens doors. 

Session 1: Who’s That Girl? – Your Ideal Client – What are they like? 

Session 2: What A Feeling – Creating a strategy that will work WELL and feel GREAT day after day

Session 3: Fame – Creating Your Signature Offer – Evolving concepts into something exciting, unique, clear, and actionable. 

Session 4: More Cowbell – Keyword Research that amplifies your dynamite sound

Session 5: You Got The Look – Blogging and Social Strategy – Applied to YOU

Part 3: Creating Your Fresh Website

Besides this being a time of feeling intensely alive as we rise up into the highest version of ourselves, we have the opportunity right now to re-imagine meaningful online businesses that, when worked with, have the power to cause us to be: 

  • Feeling deeply in love with our Purpose
  • Experiencing a desire to get to work and powerful satisfaction every day
  • Being able to be our FULL selves, especially as women who are ready to leave their invisibility cloaks and masquerade costumes behind, to be seen and heard in their highest purpose and abilities. 

can actually be done pleasurably. 

But it takes effective tools, the right frame of mind, and lots of time and attention (but you’re worth it!)

Session 1: Sing The Body Electric – Branding – Pulling together a color scheme that works for light/dark settings and feels GOOD for your kind of people 

Session 2: I Write The Songs – Understanding how to create copy for your site that sings while grabbing google’s attention at the same time. 

Session 3: Can You Picture That? – Collecting and choosing the right images for your site and social media shares.  

Session 4: Signed, Sealed, Delivered – Getting those first posts customized, scheduled, and ready to go

Session 5:  It’s Magic – Alchemizing everything we’ve created so your website and social sing, with both you and your ideal client in mind

Part 4: We Go Together – Monthly Touching Base and Maintenance

So why not bring Astrology into this scalable system for creating positive influence and do my part to help all the healers and positive game-changers to REALLY help Humanity at this most crucial time?

Why not use everything I have in my arsenal to really make a difference as quickly as possible? I want to give you those loving nudges, ask you important questions to help you tap into your radiant inborn wisdom. Answers and continued action in the direction of your best life, your soul’s purpose in action will emerge. We can also make maintenance level tweaks and refinements to your site. All you have to do is to be your lovable self.

Monthly Maintenance rate is TBD based on scale of project and support desired.

How My Signature 3-2-1 Launch Package Works: 

  • One hour a week for 12 weeks via video. Just send me a range of days/times that work for you, and we will make it work!
  • One 15 minute check in each week for 12 weeks, via video. A few days after our main session, for you to check in and get whatever help you need or desire.
  • 12 weeks of unlimited support via text and email


$8,000 including website refresh, including branding, copywriting and images

$4,000 without Part 3 (the rebuilt, restyled website or fresh install)

If you want to break this up into installments, that’s fine with me. I’ll just need to add $100 to cover extra processing. 

Please contact me with any questions you might have!

Signature 3-2-1 Consulting Package:

Your Purpose In Action

Time Together

  • One hour a week for 12 weeks via video. Just send me a range of days/times that work for you, and we will make it work!
  • One 15 minute check in each week for 12 weeks, via video. A few days after our main session, for you to check in and get whatever help you need or desire.
  • 12 weeks of unlimited support via text and email
  • Targeted homework, templates and worksheets designed to get and keep you in FLOW 


  • Starting at $8,000: Includes 12/1hour coaching sessions, 12/15 minute follow up sessions, website refresh, branding, copywriting and images
  • Starting at $4,000: Includes all the above, minus a website refresh (I’m still going to throw in the branding, because I can’t help it! LOL)
  • If you want to break this up into installments, that’s great! I’ll just need to add $100 to cover extra processing. 
invitation with love

Would you like A COMPLIMENTARY DISCOVERY SESSION with me on my Signature 3-2-1 Launch Offering? Thanks to my devotion to Astrology, you will leave the session with a much clearer idea of your soul’s purpose at this time. Please complete the questions below. It helps to guide the conversation efficiently so that you get the most value out of our time together.

Please respond with the following information and my team will contact you within 48 hours to schedule our time together. Looking forward to meeting you!

Please include your Birth Date, Time of Day, and Location if you are interested in the Astrology portion of our Discovery Session.