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Who is Lori Randall Stradtman? Back in 2011, Wiley Publishing reached out to ask me if I’d write them a book on Social Marketing for their famous “For Dummies” book series. They suggested Online Reputation Management For Dummies. The rest is history. It’s still used in college classrooms worldwide, in Academic Journals, the Library of Congress, and I’m cited for my Reputation building (and protecting) expertise in Forbes, Kiplinger’s Money Magazine, and Consumer Reports, among many others. 

But enough about my “Reputation…” 🤓

Online Reputation Management For Dummies

After surviving the Las Vegas Route 91 massacre (had a front row seat on the 23rd floor of the Luxor,) I decided to recreate my entire life, based on what feels utterly integral right now. What’s my soul’s true purpose at this time? How can I feel genuinely happy and courageous again?

So I dove deep into The Science of Happiness research and Astrology. Imagine my surprise when I learned that 2020 was going to be a HUGE year in human history, kicking off a decade of transformation like none we’ve ever seen in recorded history. I had to research it down to the ground and to report on my findings. The book published August 2019 and I’m getting lots of private messages telling me it’s giving them enormous peace of mind and empowering them to understand themselves on a whole new level. (Check out my 2020 Guide: Astrology of Happiness.)

What does Astrology have to do with Business? Everything! Emperors, Generals, and more than a Pope or two required Astrologers to provide them with the info they needed to run their affairs as nimbly as possible. You might be astonished how many self-made millionaires I know personally who use Astrology to see opportunities coming and pitfalls to avoid.

We were born for these times. 

And just by the fact that you’re reading this, I know you’re a highly advanced soul who is here to help humanity at this very time. You doubtless have dreams and visions for your most satisfying life, but might be wondering how to use your gifts and expertise in a way that supports you comfortably, preferably from home or wherever feels like home to you in the moment. 

cup of tea reading my posts

So, please, I invite you to brew up a fragrant cup of your favorite tea, flip through my posts and explore my signature offering. Contact me if you just want an analysis and check-in to see how you can optimize right now, during these crazy times when we must evolve in order to stay relevant.

If you’ve been chafing for change, you have just received your magic wish with star dust sprinkled on top. The entire universe is conspiring with you to evolve a refreshingly high level personal and societal evolution.

Let’s make magic! ✨

“Stretch is a continuous journey. It revolves around the stages of aspiration, awareness, action, agility and achievement. Choose to take this journey. Stretch creates positive energy. Stretch sustains progress.” James Brook and Dr. Paul Brewerton