1-Why Do You Want A Turned On Reputation?

Lori Randall Stradtman Turned On Reputation

After over a decade of helping Visionaries and Visionary businesses to thrive online, I’ve come to see Turn On as radiance, being in touch with your deepest self and giving it expression on the world stage, behind a persona if you need to, definitely via your Sun Sign. (More on that in future posts)

Why? Because it calls to the people who will “get” you, will appreciate your bright energy (which makes everything easier,) and this makes you a lot more money, more enjoyably.

Even more than that (as if we needed more,) it’s a deeply satisfying, soulful way of being in this topsy turvy world.

We will always refer to the world before and after 2020.

One thing’s certain: We’re going to be earning our livings via remote connections more and more. We’re going to have to speak up in authentic, vibrant ways in order to get noticed by the people we want to do business with, to work for.

So what do you have to lose by Turning On your Reputation? Absolutely nothing. Let’s begin.

So – how’s this landing with you? Do you still think I might talking about strip teases and feather boas? Maybe, if that’s your thing.

But “turn on” to me here is simply LIFE FORCE, vibrance, that electric current called LIFE that flows through us and around us. And it’s FUN. 🤗

What about you? Is your online Reputation turning you ON as much as you would like? Or is it time to venture forth from being a “best kept secret” and into the world at large?

Let’s Talk. 💕 15 Minutes, complimentary, to get a feel for what’s going on with you and some directions you can take to move forward very much in your turn on.


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